Shell Therapy Benefits

Choose to incorporate Lava Shell Therapy into your practice, and Promote Deep Relaxation

Maintain the basic principles of your Massage Therapy training by providing a hydrotherapy treatment that is applied in a slow, rhythmic and repetitive manner. The downfall of many hydrotherapy applications is the need to break contact, therefore breaking the rhythm of treatment in order to provide the treatment effectively. With Lava Shells, the consistent heat will allow you to focus all your time hands on with your client. This broad consistent approach will help evoke the relaxation response by decreasing sympathetic nervous system firing.

Glacial Shell (cold) application -> Vasoconstriction -> Decrease Blood Flow -> Increase Blood Viscosity -> Leading to Decrease Inflammation, Swelling, & Edema
Lava Shell (hot/warm) application -> Vasodilation -> Increase Metabolism -> Increase Oxygen -> Increase Nutrient Supply -> Increase in Effective Healing

Keeping in mind the benefits listed above, the treatment options with this tool can become more specific. Some examples include:
- apply the Origin Insertion technique with the smooth edge of the shell
- Trigger Point Therapy
    - Prepare the tissue by warming up the area with the shell, than apply ischemic compression, followed by another heat application.
    - Strip through the effected tissue with the smooth edge of the shell, followed by a broad technique to aid in proper drainage.
- Apply friction to adhesions, followed by joint play, followed by glacial shell application.
    - The cool application used in a brief manner will reduce tissue flexibility & pain perception, aiding in proper healing.
- Apply gentle strokes with the Glacial Shell towards Bursitis

We invite you to explore the newest and most unique hydrotherapy techniques that will enhance your practice and provide your clients and patients with relief that is not possible to achieve with the conventional methods available to the industry so far.

Both the Lava Shell and Glacial Shell Treatments follow the same basic principles as other hydrotherapy applications. The main difference being the time efficiency and accuracy of treatment the shells provide. You will gain total control over the specific areas you wish to treat.

The hot Lava Shells use a patented technology to heat up without electricity. Their activation and preparation time is under 1 minute and they provide constant heat for over 40 minutes. This means that you can hold the shells in your hands and manipulate the muscles while giving a massage and simultaneously heat the muscles resulting in relaxation which allows for greater relief from pain.

The cleanup of these shells can be performed within a minute as well and be ready to reuse them in another therapy session. Their surface is non porous.

As the shells do most of the tough work they allow the therapist to avoid much wear and tear. At the end of a busy day and numerous massages, these shells can be used by the therapist to soothe and relax their own hands with heat and manipulation. This way they are ready to attend to their practice well rested the next day.

The cold shells work in the very same way as the lava shells and provide you with 40 minutes of chill therapy to patients/ clients.

These tools are gaining great interest among the RMT’s, Chiropractors, physiotherapists and estheticians alike.

Many colleges are incorporating these teachings in their core courses.

Attend the training, and learn more ways the Lava and Glacial Shell Therapy can be incorporated into your practice.

Visit our training page for detailed course content and registration. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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