Lava Shells®

The perfect tool for a heated massage, Lava S hells® use no electricity and heat up naturally in just 5-7 minutes using a natural mineral reaction activated by salt water. Heats up anywhere, anytime, for all your service needs. The Shells are completely natural.

For hundreds of years, South Pacific Islanders have harvested beautiful Tiger Striped Clams for food, and then thrown the shells away.  Now, these discarded shells have been turned into the world’s most powerful heated massage tool. When filled with the patented self-heating technology of the Lava Gel®, these Lava Shells® heat up, for up to an hour, giving you the same heat as a full hot stone massage with just two shells - no electricity or equipment needed.

With so many products that are far removed from nature, Lava Shells® allow you the opportunity to interact with something that is raw, individual, and natural.  Made with 100% real Tiger Striped Clam shells, each shell is hand-selected in the Philippine Islands for its unique size, shape, and structural integrity. 

Each delicate shell passes an intensive quality control process to ensure the preservation of its natural beauty and characteristics.  Being a product of nature, variations in color, thickness, and texture are to be expected.  Each shell’s pattern is as unique as a fingerprint, making it truly one-of-a-kind! Colors and size vary slightly due to the organic nature of this product.

Natural Lava Shells® are composed of calcium carbonate, the same material found in our bones and teeth. When the shells are heated they produce calcium ions, which are transferred directly to the skin during the massage process. The calcium helps to regulate the skin’s natural renewal processes and can help to give a client firmer, healthier looking skin, while also reaping all the benefits of a heated massage treatment.

The Lava Gel® that powers the shells is available in four heat level formulas:

  • Facial Blend - The mildest heat for sensitive areas such as the face.
  • Home Use Blend - Mild charge for sensitive areas.
  • Comfort Blend Medium Heat - Moderate heat for targeted work.
  • Comfort Blend High Heat - More powerful heat ideal for full body massage.

The Benefits of Heat

There are several benefits to heated treatments including: an increase in extension of soft tissues; removal of toxins from cells; enhanced blood flow; increased function of tissue cells; relaxation of sore and stiff muscles.

Natural Technology

By combining a blend of food-grade minerals with water, our unique system creates a consistent, reliable, and powerful heat, without electricity. These simple, all natural ingredients create no harmful byproducts and are environmentally friendly. When you invest in this revolutionary technology, you’re guaranteed a safe, dependable source of heated therapy that only LifeStyle Universal Inc. can provide.

Download the Lava Shells System Specifications

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