Glacial Shells®

Cold therapy is an age-old method for treating chronic pain and injuries and Glacial Shells® deliver these benefits in a soothing treatment for the body.  The latest innovation in massage, Glacial Shells® are made from a combination of real seashells and porcelain and gently glide over the skin. The perfect tool for cold therapy massage, Glacial Shells™ use the technology of Glacial Gel® that stays cold longer than ice.  When placed in the freezer for a minimum of two hours, Glacial Shells® will provide a cooling massage for up to an hour. 

For facial or full body massage Glacial Shells® cold therapy is beneficial for soothing sore tissues, ultimately leaving the body healed, relaxed, and renewed. A calming and luxurious technique, Glacial Shell® massage helps to release the mind of anxiety and trauma and lets your clients “chill out,” literally!

The Glacial Shells® are handcrafted using high quality porcelain and crushed natural shells. Each shell has been cast from the ideal ergonomical Tiger Striped Clam Shell and is then hand painted, replicating the beautiful luster and appearance of natural shells. 

Chill Blend

A natural synergy of ocean inspired elements come together to create unmatched comfort.  Glacial Gel® includes a blend of minerals, dried sea kelp, and algae to create the foundation for long lasting cold therapy.  Glacial Activator is an all-natural liquid used to prolong a lasting chill in combination with Glacial Gel®.  Contents are all-natural and biodegradable.

Download the Glacial Shell System Specifications
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