Facial Shells

The LifeStyle Universal Shell Facial system combines the therapeutic heat of Lava Shells®, along with the cooling sensation of Glacial Shells®. This unique facial system is a revolutionary new therapeutic treatment for consumers who want to combat fallout from environmental damage and protect the skin from aging.

The Shell Facial system features Porcelain Tiger-Striped Clam Shells created from a non-porous blend of real seashells and porcelain that will not absorb oils, dead skin cells, dirt or bacteria making them easy to clean and sanitize.  The gentle heat of Lava Shells® is beneficial for relaxing the face and allowing for easily manipulation of the connective tissues while the Glacial Shells® help reduce facial inflammation, constrict large pores, and hydrate the skin. 

Facial Blend

The mildest of all Lava Charges, the Facial Blend is ideal for sensitive areas such as the face.  The gentle heat is excellent for relaxing the face and allowing for easy manipulation of connective tissues. A natural synergy of ocean inspired elements come together to create unmatched comfort. Glacial Gel® includes a blend of minerals, dried sea kelp, and algae to create the foundation for long lasting cold therapy. Glacial Activator is an all-natural liquid used to prolong a lasting chill in combination with Glacial Gel®.

Contents are all-natural and biodegradable.

Download the Facial Shells System Specifications
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